Let me make your fantasies come true!

1. Completely fill out the form, including either a script or an outline with detailed description of the video you want.

2. Your inquiry is reviewed and you are sent a price quote, and we discuss all details and agree upon payment.

3. You send payment (see below for pricing info. Payment method will be discussed via email.)

4. Your video goes on the production schedule. When I am able to film depends on many factors, including talent availability etc.

5. Your video gets edited and uploaded, and you will immediately be emailed a link to download your video.

**all content produced is owned by Hedera Helix Inc. and I reserve the right to sell your custom in my stores after you have received the final product (Only if it is a video that does not contain your name). 

Members of my Fan Site get 50% Off on all content. See my Price List Here.

Additional fees may incur if specific wardrobe/props/locations are required.

All videos are 1080P and mp4 format (unless you request a different file format). All videos are shot with professional lighting and equipment.
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